Why Does the Nashville Music Industry Ignore Great Talent?

I am a musician living in Nashville which has been referred to as “Music City” for many years. I have noticed that there is a lot of great talent performing on the local music scene, but for some reason unknown to me, the industry has decided to not to acknowledge them. It bothers and saddens me that there are all these bands and artists working so hard and drawing crowds, but do not even get a nod from the people on Music Row.I have seen many bands come and go. I have seen talent fade away due to frustration and disappointment that their efforts go unrewarded or unnoticed. Instead of looking for real talent, record labels and management companies started signing singer out of open mike nights and karaoke bars. Their reason at the time is that they are cute men or pretty women with a good voice and they can mold them into what they want them to be and market them however they wish to. As time went on, those singers had fallen by the wayside due to the fact that they just didn’t have the stamina and fortitude to handle the hard work that comes with being in the music business.I have also heard the whining and complaining from the folks on Music Row when some other management company or record label from other areas or states sign these artists out of Nashville and promote them so they can begin a career and bring in more revenue for the label as well. Why do they complain? They had their shot at these performers, but decided to ignore them. Now that they’re no longer available and somebody else picked them up, they’re upset.I am very sorry folks, but if you’d pay attention to your local talent this would not be an issue. Being a musician and paying my dues several times over I know exactly what I’m speaking about. There are still many great bands and artists working on the music scene today that draw big crowds and are creating a large following and fan base. The industry needs to sit up and take notice or stop complaining when someone else reaps the rewards of the talent that they signed to their label. This is not about my ranting or “sour grapes”, this is about injustices that we all have been subjected to over the years. This is “Music City” people! Let’s take it back and make it great again.